Earn an Invite to Miami and Party with NEON Energy Drink


Did you miss out on the NEON A-List Party in Malibu on the 4th of July? Well get ready for more celebs, more sun and more NEON Energy Drink® at our NEON A-List Party in South Beach during Labor Day weekend.

From Christina Milian to Chris Brown and more, major influencers are all talking about (and drinking!) NEON for a lasting energy boost without the crash. Green tea and gotu kola, anyone? Not only does NEON glow, it does double duty by providing over 100% of six essential daily recommended B vitamins. Formulated with natural sugars from a blend of seven fruit juices from concentrate in purified sparkling water, it’s tropical meets nutritional.

Now you’re looking at the opportunity of a lifetime. We’re putting together a Labor Day party for the record books. Get qualified right away for your chance at a trip to Miami!

How Do I Get on the VIP List?

Open to Regional Director + High Rank. Compete within your High Rank category. Top 3 highest NEON sales in each rank category that meet minimums win!

NEON A-List Labor Day Party VIP


PROMOTION PERIOD: July 20, 2015 to August 20, 2015

Earn 1 point for every NEW NEON Autoship Customer or Promoter you personally enroll during the promotion period (or for any previous personally enrolled Customer or Promoter who purchases NEON for the first time during the promotion period).

  • Maximum 1 point per Customer or Promoter regardless of how many cases purchased


NEW Customer/Basic Promoter who purchases 1 case of NEON = 1 Point

NEW Customer/Promoter who purchases 4 cases of NEON = 1 Point

NEW Promoter with a Basic + 1 case on Autoship = 1 point

NEW NEON EPS or Star Promoter = 1 point

Earn Bonus Points & Enter Drawing!

  • Earn 3 Bonus Points when you help a new personally enrolled NEON Customer or Promoter qualify to earn NEON for free
  • Any Promoter who earns 3 Bonus Points will be entered for a chance to be the Random Drawing Winner and win a trip to the A-List Labor Day Party

Promotion is open to all High Rank Regional Directors and above (as well as anyone who achieves RD for the first time during promotion period)

You will compete within your High Rank category and must meet the minimum for that category to be eligible to win

What Can I Win?

  • VIP access for you and a guest to the NEON A-List Labor Day Party in South Beach, Miami
  • $1,250 travel and hotel voucher for you and a guest

We can’t wait to see you on the beach!

*Promotion Period: July 20, 2015 to August 20, 2015. Your High Rank for promotion is your High Rank at start of July 2015 production month. Promoters who are not RD, but achieve RD or above during the month can participate. Points will count toward the upline as well as new RD. Sixty percent criteria applies to NEON Energy Drink sales for promotion. Max 60% of qualification cases can come from 1 leg. Forty percent must come from outside your largest leg. Must be an Active Promoter in June 2015 and July 2015 and in good standing. Internet Marketers’ sales in your organization do not count toward promotion. You must maintain a minimum Paid Rank to qualify. If you are RD or ND High Rank, you must maintain RD Paid Rank or above. If you are PD or above High Rank, you must be ND Paid Rank or above. Paid Rank must be maintained in June, July or August.

NEON Energy Drink Hits South Beach

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