Courageous Fifth Grader Loses 50 Pounds


“Jared from Subway has nothing on my son,” Tina Wagner proudly stated.

“Just this morning Mikyl (Tina’s son) stepped on the scale to see that he had reached his goal- he had lost 50 pounds!”  Tina and Mikyl spent the rest of the morning crying tears of joy over his amazing accomplishment- an accomplishment that truly changed a child’s life for the better.

After crying/celebrating for hours, Mikyl’s next realization was, “I can help other kids like me!” Not many 10-year-olds think like that.

Since he was born Mikyl has always been extremely unique. At 4- weeks-old Mikyl was already on the ‘big growth chart’ and his height, weight and even his head size were at least 110% larger than the average 4-week-old child.

Many people’s weight issues can be attributed to unhealthy eating, and in Mikyl’s case at a certain point that did play a role, but it was clear that he was legitimately born significantly larger than your average child. He also continued to gain weight at a faster pace than other children- by the age of 6 he was gaining nearly 20 pounds a year.

Doctor’s began taking his blood regularly, asking about his health, sleeping and eating habits. After all the tests came back ‘normal’ they even checked to see if his thyroid was not functioning properly- there were no issues with his thyroid. The family began keeping a food journal to see what was causing the weight gain. After looking over the results, the doctors concluded that Mikyl needed to eat healthier when he spent time with his dad (his parents are divorced) or the consequences could potentially be life threatening.

Tina didn’t want to ever tell her son that he HAD to lose weight, but it got to the point where action needed to be taken or his health would suffer the consequences. Mikyl was enrolled in karate classes, started going to the gym and even started using some meal replacement shakes. No weight change.

Tina then tried a gluten-free diet, taking all the dairy out of his diet, pretty much anything she could think of that would help her son lose weight without ever having him feel like his weight loss goals were taking over his life. Nothing worked.

At this time Mikyl wanted to play football, the only problem was that because of his weight he would have to play in the weight division that was comprised of high school aged kids. Because of the safety issues, there was no way Tina could allow her 10-year-old son to play football with kids 5-6 years older than him. At this point, Tina told Mikyl that if he wanted to play football he had to lose 10 pounds so he could play with children closer to his own age.  The problem was she didn’t know how he would be able to lose the weight. This is when Project 10 and ViSalus stepped in.

Tina heard about The Challenge through a friend, spoke with her doctor and considering they had exhausted all other options, figured it was worth a try. Mikyl wanted to attempt to lose 50 pounds on his first Challenge, but Tina and the doctors felt that was unhealthy for a child so they came to a compromise of shooting for 20 pounds.  Since Mikyl was SO set on losing 50 pounds they decided to try and do it over three Challenges so it could be done in the healthiest way possible. To incentivize him, if he completed his goals he would get to go to Knott’s Berry Farm after the first Challenge, get a skateboard for the second Challenge and Beats by Dre for the third- all ‘prizes’ selected by Mikyl.

Tina didn’t want Mikyl living a life that revolved around trying to lose weight so their plan was to have him drink two Vi-Shakes a day (with one scoop of Vi-Shape mix in each), one healthy snack and one healthy meal on weekdays. On the weekends he would have 1 Vi-Shake and two healthy meals- no trainer, no crazy workout routines, no absurd meal plans, “Just plain and simple ViSalus,” as Tina put it.

It was far from easy, but by sticking with the aforementioned ‘game plan’ Mikyl was able to lose 20 pounds on his first Challenge. After celebrating at Knott’s Berry Farm, Mikyl took two weeks off and then started his second Challenge where he drank one Vi-Shake a day. Sure enough, after 90 days, Mikyl was down another 15 pounds.  Mikyl was so excited he immediately started his third Challenge using the same plan- again he lost an additional 15 pounds. Over the course of three Challenges, an obese little boy who ‘couldn’t lose weight’ had lost 50 pounds by just drinking one or two Vi-Shakes a day.

Not only did his weight drastically improve, almost every part of his life has benefited from joining The Challenge.

Tina explained, “Not only did he lose weight, but Mikyl is the healthiest he has ever been.  He used to be sickly and miss school often.  He has now been recognized twice this year already for perfect attendance.  He went from being an average student to a straight ‘A’ student.  His behavior is even better!  My mom keeps asking, ‘where did this come from?’  He astonishes everyone.”

His family is amazed at the energy he now has and they truly couldn’t be happier for him. Mikyl has also used his transformation to inspire others, “When he sees people on Facebook starting to try and lose weight he comments ‘you can do it and if you ever think you can’t, please contact me.’  He is stronger than I have ever imagined,” Tina proudly explained.

To put it simply, Tina explained that this story is about a child who was determined to change his life and a great product that helped him achieve his goals. Tina added, “Project 10 is a great idea and Mikyl is the proof.”

After years of battling with obesity, Mikyl Khraishi can proudly say he ‘lost it’ and then some. Inspiring stories such as these are what make being a part of the ViSalus community so rewarding.

We are so proud of you Mikyl; you are an inspiration to all! Don’t forget to congratulate Mikyl in the comment box below- a boy that is this determined and this strong deserves all the praise and support he can get.

Do you have an incredible story like Mikyl’s that you’d like to share? If so, please contact us at Stories.Vi.Com, we’d love to share your story with the community!

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  1. An amazing and encouraging story! Thanks for sharing Tina and Visalus, and thank you to Mikyl for creating a story that will inspire the future and impact the end of obesity! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And KUDOS!!!

  2. Congratulations! I have three children 19, 11 and 7. My 11 year old has a totally different type of metabolism and she has never had any weight issues, but my oldest daughter has gone up and down over the years and my youngest son has recently struggled with his weight (about 8 months now) and so we have the whole family on the shakes! They love them and we are very proud of our son who was recently quite astonished to get back into a pair of jeans we bought for him 7 months ago and he needed a belt! He is well on his way to a healthier life and we are setting a good example and doing it together. Stories like Mikyl’s are inspiring for mom’s like me! It is nice to have a product available that the kids can enjoy and benefit from too! Our little man loves his shakes and he helps keep me on path for my journey to a healthier me!

  3. That is awesome! I have been trying to get my son on this but it is a battle to keep his portions down! Thank you for sharing your story!

  4. lena raulston on

    Good job buddy u keep up the good work proud of u for having a strong will and faith in ur self to defeat ur challenge. Ok now to mom GOOD JOB!! I have been reading comments on fb about how ppl (a** holes) lol keep saying its not the same kid…..ok well obviously it is the same kid if they would just take the time to look but they wont bc their lazy hints the reason why its so hard for them to believe its possible for a child to do something that they cant…Don’t let them get to u or u family u and ur son are an inspiration and keep up the good work.

    • Thank you soooo much! Very sad that there are so many negative people, but there are truly 100 positive people for every 1 negative. We really appreciate all the positive support! 🙂

      • We’re here to support you Tina! You are an incredible mother and Mikyl is an incredible child! Don’t let the naysayers get to you, keep your chin up and be proud of this amazing accomplishment!

        Fantastic work Mikyl!!!

  5. Way to go, Mikyl!!! & way to go, mom (Tina)!! Visalus was a life changer for me too!! I love the challenge & how it’s improved so many peoples’ lives that I know!

  6. Katrina Rohr on

    Great Job Mikyl! You will inspire many kids who think they can’t do it but because of you they will give it a try.

  7. GREAT JOB!!!!!! Mikyl’s story has really touched me!!!! I have just started my challenge a couple weeks ago and not getting instant results…so me and my promotor/trainer are altering things a tiny bit to see if it helps, Last week I really wanted to quit and give up…after reading this story,once I get over my shin splints I will be back at it twice as hard. SO INSPIRATIONAL!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!

  8. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Congrates Mikyl on your weight lose. You have made me see that if a young boy can have the will power to lose the weight. I can do it too! Thanks for sharing.

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  10. Great job Mikyl! You have given me the incentive that I need to lose weight. If you can do it, I can too 🙂 Keep up the good work! I hope you are playing football now 🙂

  11. Very touching story. I wish this had been around when I was in Fifth grade. Being obese not only puts stress on a kid’s body but also their mind. I hope we can continue to do our part to change this cycle.

  12. Mikyl, you and your mother’s story is so encouraging and inspirational to so many of us parents. I see so many children in our little community who, much like their parents, don’t see what they are doing to themselves. I hope to share your story with our school district to encourage healthier food and lifestyle choices for whole families. Thank you!!! 🙂

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this!!!!
    I appreciate this and can’t wait to show my kids. They have been struggling with their weight and are looking for encouragement and kids that have done this and succeeded. My son is 16 and my daughter is 11. My daughter especially has had problems, from “friends” making comments to her, to just seeing how disappointed she gets when shopping for the “in” clothes. I would love them to read your journey and get encouraged to keep up the shakes.
    Right now, they take the shakes for at least breakfast,when they are with me, but when they are with their dad, it’s always pasta, frozen corn dogs or deserts. I can’t control what they are served there, but I can help them when they are with me.

    Once again,……. THANK YOU!!!!

  14. Way to go Mykyl. Keep up the good work. You have such a Great Life a head of you now without all of the health problems that the extra weight could have caused.
    God Bless you and your family Mykyl.

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  18. That’s amazing, my best friend has been trying to lose weight for a few months now but every time she tries she gets discouraged because its taking too long. She wishes to be an actress and if she does audition she doesn’t wanna get the part of ” the fat girl “. So she’s trying everything she can, shes 12. I’m gonna show this to her and hopefully she can believe in herself, like I do.

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