Cory Best Spends Last Days of Challenge on Mt. Rainier


Promoters across the globe log in countless hours running, lifting weights, cross training, spinning and more. Cory Best spent 87 days of his 90-Day Challenge doing these same activities. The catch? All that sweat was training for the last three days of his Challenge climbing Mount Rainier in Washington.

An active volcano, Mt. Rainier rises 14,410 feet above sea level as the most prominent peak in the Cascade Range. It’s also the most glaciated peak in the lower 48 states at 35 square miles of snow and ice. Mount Rainier National Park contains 25 named glaciers, 382 lakes and 470 rivers and streams. Cory set his sights high from day one and mapped out a fitness plan that would get him to the top of the mountain by day 90.

“I took Vi-pak daily and worked out constantly—three days a week were spent at the gym and two days a week I worked out outdoors with a 60-lb. backpack strapped on to train for strength and endurance,” says Cory, adding, “During this time I drank two Vi-Shape Shakes a day or ate Vi Crunch plus a Shake. When it was time to climb, I was ready with a supply of Vi-Defy, ViSalus NEURO, ViSalus Pro and NEON Energy Drink. Without the right nutrition, I don’t believe I would have reached the summit.”

Cory was active on social media as he worked through his Challenge. He posted the top 10 reasons that led to his ascent. Here they are plus some words of wisdom to inspire you during your Challenge.

Mt. Rainier

#10—Be a leader.

Cory takes a lead-by-example approach to his Vi business. He models goal setting and execution to his team and draws motivation from his own upline.

#9—Be determined.

Determination is necessary to sustain despite obstacles that may surface during your Challenge. It’s the grit that keeps you going and hinges on your ‘Why.’

#8—Family matters.

Cory kept his family top of mind during his entire Challenge journey—especially during the climb. “I wanted my daughter to see me accomplish a big goal and think ‘I’m possible’ instead of ‘impossible.’”

#7—Enjoy the rewards.

It took 87 days to prepare for three days of hiking and one moment of victory. Relishing the rewards is so important to feed your sense of accomplishment and validate all the hard work it took to complete your 90-Day Challenge.


Your life is made up of millions of moments and many memories. Cory says make each one count and live every day like it’s your last—push your limits.

#5—In loving memory.

Cory credits his dad with shaping some of his favorite childhood memories. He taught Cory how to be a man and father, which moved Cory to hike in his father’s memory.

#4—Health is everything.

The Challenge helped Cory create a healthy lifestyle focused on fitness. To date he’s helped over 700 people improve their Health through Vi.

#3—Challenge = change.

Life, Health and Prosperity can be yours if you’re willing to take The Challenge. Cory knows firsthand how The Challenge transforms across the Vi Pillars and sets positive changes in motion.


“I want my daughter to someday say, ‘Because of you, I didn’t give up—I did what I wanted and didn’t let anyone stop me from reaching my goals,’” says Cory. He hopes others read his story, get inspired and set out on their own Challenges.

#1—Give back.

Cory raised thousands of dollars for eight local charities during his Challenge. “My Challenge goal centered on giving back to my community,” says Cory. “It was an incredible privilege to do this and I really enjoyed the journey.”

What motivated you to get out there and fulfill your Challenge goal? Submit your transformation story at and don’t forget to tell us your ‘Why.’

Cory Best at Mt. Rainier with NEON Energy Drink

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