Body by Vi Success Story: Cindy Costello


Below we have a fantastic Body By Vi Success Story from Cindy Costello who saw her life change both financially and in terms of quality of heath with The Challenge. Hear what she had to say, in her own words:

“If my story can help others to believe in themselves and know that literally, ANYTHING is possible with The Challenge…then I am all about helping others!,

I joined The Body by Vi Challenge June 1st, 2012 and had not exercised in 20 years. I had to start with my Vi-mentor, Cheryl Ables, in the pool- I couldn’t even make it a mile. I worked on 1 mile, then 3 miles, then 5 miles, then 8 miles,
then my first 10K race on Thanksgiving November 2012 and on January 1.2013, did 10 miles. I couldn’t believe I was possible of this; I was feeling great and more determined to get and stay fit then ever. I actually got a cold the week before the Half Marathon, but nothing was going to stop me from showing the power of the Challenge!

To cross the finish line of the PF Chang’s Ha;f Marathon on January 20, 2013 with my son and my Vi-mentors was an amazing experience and something that I thought impossible!!! My increased running  ability wasn’t all The Challenge helped me with… I lose 11 pounds alone the first week I tried it!

After my first Challenge, I lost 45 pounds, then in my second Challenge, 33 pounds, in my third: 15 pounds and this month (March 2013), 7 pounds for the 100! I have been on high blood pressure medicine for 8 years and the doctor now says that I can wean completely of it! ViSalus has given me my life back! I thank God daily for The Challenge and my mentor, Cheryl Ables. She believed in me and helped me to learn to believe in myself. With amazing team support, I have been able to rewrite my life story and I am forever grateful.

My 24 year old son, Matt, was all about athletics his whole life and I was only able to cheer from the sidelines, so to cross the finish line with him was incredible! My husband and almost 8-year-old daughter were cheering at mile 13 and to see my young daughter proud and knowing that she can do anything she sets her mind to is something that I will always treasure in my heart!

I had Christal at age 40 so being an older mom, joining the Challenge is truly about saving my life and being around to enjoy her for as long as I can!  I went to my Vi-mentor, Cheryl, and told her that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, both from the health/weight aspect and the financial aspect. I am a teacher (since age 21) and I have always worked two or three jobs just to make ends meet. VISalus has transformed my life in so many ways and is a true lifeline for me. I want others to know that literally ANYTHING is possible with The Challenge…set your goals high, learn to believe in yourself, embrace the power of possibility and pair that mindset with hard work and you can achieve things you never thought were possible!

Update: I am currently down 104 pounds and was so touched, amazed and thrilled to get a call from the VP at Visalus that I am the March Challenge Champion finalist: Active category…I really could not believe it!!! Now I will HAVE to find a way to Vitality in July because I will be on stage…WOW! I truly hope that I can help and inspire others with my story!!!”

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