Ashley Sarnicola Accepts $11 Million in Lifetime Earnings, Addresses Women


Can’t get enough of Vi Global Ambassador Ashley Sarnicola? Neither can we. Before National Success Training (NST) in Ft. Lauderdale, you read our exclusive interview with the mogul mom and learned about her rise to Prosperity alongside Vi Co-Founder and husband Nick Sarnicola. Together, they form the Power Couple, but apart they stand on equally solid ground as some of the world’s most successful network marketers.

Leadership Rules

“The reason I’m standing here is because of leadership,” said Ashley to a crowd of thousands of Promoters at NST, adding, “I am wealthy personally outside of my husband… because I was hungry, I was coachable, I never gave up, and I wanted it so bad that I could taste it. And I wanted to win. I wanted to win bad.”

From the outset of her journey with Vi, Ashley relied on the experience and mentorship of top leaders to develop the kind of relationship building skills promoting The Challenge demands. She asked for help when she needed it, pushed aside early doubts about her ability to lead, and pursued large-scale goals. And with the right team in place, she finally did win—in a big way, over and over again.

Women Can Have it All

The women in the room were particularly captivated by Ashley’s inspiring acceptance speech as she crossed the stage at NST to acknowledge $11 million in lifetime earnings.

“Tonight is not about celebrating money. Tonight is about celebrating lives changed,” said Ashley. “And I want to dedicate this $11 million to the women in the room. It goes to the woman in the room that flew hours to get here, who had to sacrifice a lot… to be here. But she had one thing on her mind—‘I want to be inspired.’ Women in the room… it is our time with Vi. We need more women Ambassadors. You absolutely should have it all… We deserve to have it all.”

Many successful women in the Vi Community know this to be true. With Vi, there is no need to make the difficult choice between family and career. Top Vi producers like Rhonda Lucero and Lori Petrilli, and thousands more women across the globe demonstrate there is truth behind Ashley’s words. It is entirely possible to achieve Life, Health and Prosperity goals and enjoy quality time with family while promoting The Challenge.

If Ashley isn’t a role model for living your dreams, we don’t know who else fits the bill as well. She plans to continue to invest in her team and her business with Nick as well as give back to young, aspiring entrepreneurs through The Sarnicola Foundation.

Ashley rounded out her speech by asking all the women to stand on their feet and dance with her to Katy Perry’s Roar.

Watch Ashley’s speech in its entirety and be inspired to live your best life with Vi.

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