Active/Fitness Champions Rajeev & Sandhya: “It’s an inspiration to our kids to live a healthy life.”


“Small actions completed daily will add up to huge rewards over time.”

Even though Sandhya Sadasivan is in the medical profession and knows the importance of health, she wasn’t worried about her own. “I wasn’t overweight, but I was 130 lbs. with the high risk category of body fat,” she says.

According to Rajeev Sreenivasan, “ViSalus has totally changed my attitude and everything… I wanted to be healthy, but I didn’t know how to do that.”

Now the two are Active/Fitness Champions who say their Challenge transformation is an inspiration to their kids to live a healthy lifestyle.

Watch their video to learn more about their story!

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PROJECT 10 Challenge goals can be (or include) weight loss, building lean muscle or improving energy and endurance. Every participant should consider his or her personal circumstances and create goals that are both reasonable and achievable. Vi discourages rapid and extreme weight loss, which can actually be unhealthy and emphasizes that safe and sustainable weight loss is never achieved without exercise and sensible eating. Persons with preexisting medical conditions should consult a healthcare professional before embarking on any fitness, health or weight-loss program. 

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