Active/Fitness Challenge Champion Lara Zimmern Craves Fitness, Not Chocolate


Active/Fitness Female Challenge Champion Lara Zimmern came full circle in understanding what it is to set a goal, follow through and achieve it. Lara had been a yo-yo dieter most of her adult life and fluctuated between a size eight and 14—that is, until she joined Vi in the UK in February 2013.

“I Fell in Love with The Challenge”

“I fell in love with The Challenge message from the beginning,” says Lara. “Vi really focuses on making health a priority first and foremost.”

Lara started out as a Customer. With a business background, having run a yoga studio for eight years, she saw the business opportunity as a way to further her skills and Vi’s mission to promote Health across the globe. By April, she’d become a Promoter on a mission to drop one stone (14 lbs.), get fit and inspire her family to make healthier choices.

“I’m a mother of three beautiful children—ages eight, six and four—and I can’t convey in words how much it means to me to be a positive role model for balanced living,” says Lara, adding, “That means eating right, making time for daily movement and understanding growth happens as a result of overcoming obstacles.”

Lara Zimmern Challenge Champion

Breakfast Comes First

Lara overcame major hurdles when it came to diet and exercise. Lara has followed a strict, gluten free diet all her life due to health issues.

“Breakfast is so hard because it’s a world of grains,” says Lara. “But Vi-Shape livens things up in the morning. I like mixing up a shake using light coconut milk, frozen fruit and chia seeds.”

Now Lara packs her day full of Vi products and enjoys the variety, nutritional value and flavors our products offer.

“My energy levels have dramatically increased as a result of drinking Vi-Shape and using other Vi products like Vi Crunch, Vi Bites and ViSalus NEURO,” says Lara. “I don’t have the same sugar and salt cravings anymore. I’m not controlled by unhealthy snack foods.”

Getting into the Zone

By summer 2014 Lara was on her A-game when it came to intensifying her workouts.

“I’ve always wanted to get really fit, but I never enjoyed working out,” says Lara. “I joined a boxing club and started training for a fight. I knew that by going public with my goal, I had to be accountable to myself and to everyone I cared about. I had to follow through.”

Lara trained three times a week with a boxing coach for 90-minute sessions starting at 6:00 A.M. She spent an additional three days a week running and working out on her own. Now she runs six days a week and continues with her boxing routine.

“When I started out I couldn’t do a squat or lunge or skip. I was so out of shape,” says Lara. “Now I’m training for a half marathon and a boxing fight. I’ve dropped in body fat from 36% to 17.5%.”

For Lara, part of being on The Challenge is sharing the message of Life, Health and Prosperity with others.

“Vi and the Challenge Champion title fill me with purpose,” says Lara. “I have a strong desire to help others achieve their own health and fitness goals.”

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