90 Day Fitness Series – Phase 3


Phase 3 – Weeks 9 through 12

Phase 2 moves you into a higher intensity lactic phase, helping you shed fat and put on muscle!

Every day you have a specific activity to complete:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Strength Training Cardio Workout Outdoor Circuit Strength Training HIT Workout Active Rest  Full Rest

Strength Training

Day 1 & Day 4

This workout is broken down into three separate circuits.

Follow the exercises from top to bottom, complete the amount of time indicated.

Repeat the first circuit 3 times with 3o seconds of rest between each one.

Circuit 1 exercises:

  • MB Step+knee drive ups x15sec.
  • Body weight flys x 20sec.
  • Hamstring walk out x 20sec.
  • Burpees x 15sec.

Once you have completed for first circuit move onto the second circuit after resting for 30 seconds

Follow the exercises from top to bottom, complete the amount of time indicated.

Repeat the second circuit 3 times with 3o seconds of rest between each.

Circuit 2 exercises:

  • Skater’s lunge x15sec. each side
  • Decline PU x 20sec.
  • Stationary lunges x20sec.
  • Burpees x15sec.

Once you have completed for second circuit move onto the third circuit after resting for 30 seconds

Follow the exercises from top to bottom, complete the amount of time indicated.

Repeat the third circuit 3 times with 3o seconds of rest between each

Circuit 3 exercises:

  • BW squat+press x15sec.
  • MB chest in and outs x15sec.
  • Sumo deadlift w medball x20sec.
  • Toe touches x20sec.

One you have completed the last circuit, you are all done!

Cardio Workout

Day 2

Do 20 minutes of cardio. Pick something that you will enjoy doing like a brisk walk, riding a bike, or going on a hike. After you complete the cardio do the stretches outlined in this video. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds. You can repeat the routine 3 times to complete your cardio day and give your body a good stretch!

  • Quad stretch
  • Rec fem stretch 
  • IT band stretch 
  • Waiters bow stretch 
  • 90/90 stretch 
  • Hip flexor stretch 

Outdoor Circuit

Day 3

The circuit workout is intended to work your muscles and your cardiovascular system. You should feel energized after completing this workout.

Follow the circuit from top to bottom doing each exercise for the indicated time.

Rest for 20 seconds after each round through and repeat the entire circuit 4 times

Outdoor Circuit Exercises

  • Walking lunge x 20sec
  • Seated bend pull x 20sec
  • Multi directional lunge x 10sec. ea
  • Superman x 20sec.
  • wLeg raise 90 degree x 20sec.
  • Bicycle x 20sec
  • Brid dog x 20sec
  • Overhead MB squat x 20sec
  • Side plank x 20sec. ea

High Intensity Training

Day 5

This is a High Intensity workout, meaning you will feel your muscles burning and you’ll be working hard!

In this workout you perform the exercise for 20 seconds rest 10 seconds and then do it again. You do this 8 times total!

Once you have completed the exercise rounds 8 times you rest 1 minute.

You will repeat this round of exercise 2 times.

Active Rest

Day 6

This a fun movement day! Take the opportunity to do something with your family and friends, get outside, do a fitness class. Whatever you it is, do something you enjoy and something that gets your body moving!

Full Rest

Day 7

This is a day for total and complete rest. You can stretch if you would like to but this is not a day to do a workout. Rest and recovery is essential when working towards your goals and in a lot of cases is even more important than exercise. So, take this day seriously and rest up!

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