7 Steps to a Positive Body Image


7 Steps to a Positive Body Image

By Brenda Casamento
Vi Healthy Lifestyle Advisory Board

My goal is not to just help transform bodies but also your mind set. As a Nutrition and Wellness Counselor and personal trainer, I find that Self image, no matter what you weigh or what you look like, is important to help you reach and maintain any goal. This list helped on my own health journey, and I refer back to it often. I share it with you today for one simple reason: You can’t reach a goal without the right mindset!

  1. Appreciate all that your body can do, instead of looking at the things you can’t do. 
  2. Write down a list of 10 things that you like about yourself… be sure they are things not related to weight or physical appearance, then get feedback from 5 people close to you on which things that they like about you … it will lift you up.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people who will give you support. CHALLENGE Groups a great way to find accountability partners. Click here to find a group near you! 
  4. Wear clothes that make you feel good about your body. The Vi-Store has everything from hats & sweatshirts to workout gear that you’ll look and feel great in!
  5. Do something nice for you…something that lets your body know you appreciate it! Go for a walk, get a massage, or a bubble bath to name a few. 
  6. Put energy into helping other people instead of focusing on yourself… when you do this, you will feel not only purposeful, but also appreciated …one of the best mood lifters!!!
  7. Shut down the voices in your head. Stop saying negative things like “I am fat, I am too thin, I am too old, I am too busy to get healthy.” Your ears are only 3 inches from your mouth! What you say you hear. What you hear you start tobelieve. Positive ‘I am’ statements like “I am strong. I am smart. I am worth it.” really can help you change the state of your mind.

Remember your “true happiness” comes from the state of your mind, not the state of your body. Practice these 7 steps and you will feel more empowered and able to continue on the path to complete your #ViCommit Goal.

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The Vi Healthy Lifestyle Advisory Board is comprised of health experts from the Vi Promoter community, nominated and selected to lend their knowledge and insight.

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