7 Shake Blunders You Never Want To Make


From Coconut-Kale to Maple-Pecan and everything in between, Vi-Shape® is all about great taste, nutrition and variety. But with all the shaking going on, there are bound to be some bumps. Shake oopsies. Here are 7 shake mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

#1–You shake it up… without the shake.

Making a shake is fun. It’s so fun, in fact, you can get distracted. You focus on which fresh fruits and veggies to toss in, consider whether to use water or milk, even get fancy with chocolate soy milk. You explore all the possibilities for making this shake more glorious than the previous one. Then as soon as you have blissfully consumed your beloved creation, you suddenly discover… Oops, you forgot to add the actual Vi-Shape Shake Mix. It’s still sitting in its scooper, staring at you—laughing.

#2–You become overly ambitious.

You tap into your inner chef when concocting your next Vi-Shape Shake and become overly ambitious in the kitchen whipping up your own shake brew. We encourage this. However, if you find yourself adding so many items to your shake that its color is no longer distinguishable or it smells questionable, remember that less is sometimes more.

#3–You assign magical powers to your shake mix.

We’ve all been there. You give in to fast food temptation and order a milkshake. Feeling guilty, you quickly sprinkle in some Vi-Shape, as though it will instantly convert a sugary, fatty, ice-cream infused beverage into a low-fat, low calorie shake meal. Although Vi-Shape has helped many people lose weight, but it will not magically make junk food nutritious.

#4–You overlook the essentials.

Let’s be honest. You might not be a morning person. And so when you start the day by making a Vi-Shape Shake for breakfast, you can tend to, um, forget things. Important things, like putting the lid on the blender before pressing start. You won’t be able to hide this blunder. The evidence will be all over you.

#5–You view the shake as only an afterthought.

It’s easy to view your Vi-Shape shake as a nutritious side to the real heart of your meal. If you’re serious about losing weight or transforming your body, view the shakes as meal replacements—not meal additions or dessert. Although, because Vi-Shape tastes so much like cake mix, it’s kind of like being able to have your cake, and eat it too. Pun intended.

#6–You mix your shake, but you don’t mix it up. There’s a difference.

Vi-Shape is deliciously versatile. You can have some serious fun and change up the flavor, consistency and color. Maybe you’re a creature of habit. You may find yourself mixing the very same shake, day in and day out. No creativity. No extra flavor. It’s no wonder that a few months later you’re basically, well, uninspired. We challenge you to get creative with some of our topic picks:

Mocha Vi-Shape Shake with Almond Milk

Matcha Green Tea Vi-Shape Shake with Ginger & Lemon

Tried & True Peanut Butter + Jelly Vi-Shape Shake

#7–You think sporadic shaking leads to sporadic losing.

Routine can be difficult and life sometimes gets in the way. You might find yourself drinking a shake only when inspired. For example, you spent the weekend sneaking treats. When Monday morning rolls around and your pants fit a little tighter, you take comfort in drinking a nutritious Vi-Shape Shake for breakfast. But anybody who has lost weight on The Challenge would tell you that sporadically drinking shakes does not lead to sporadically losing weight.

Do any of these blunders sound familiar? Not to worry. Get back on track with our Healthy Living series!

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