5 Foods Every Trainer Has In Their Fridge


Grocery shopping can be such a pain; don’t you agree!? All those boxed, frozen foods, foods with shiny labels and foods that seem healthy, but you really aren’t sure. You’ve read articles and labels telling you what you should buy, but you just can’t seem to put it all together. Am I getting warmer?

The thing is, it really doesn’t have to be that complicated, and there are some staple things that should be in your fridge. As a longtime physical trainer, I guarantee these items will help you lose body fat and change your health.

By purchasing these five foods (and not purchasing the boxed and packaged junk foods!), you’ll be that much closer to accomplishing your fat loss and fitness goals.

Implement these foods into your diet and watch your body transform!

#1 – Coconut oil

We’ve heard too many times now that fat is not good for you, but I am telling you once and for all this is NOT true. Omega-3 fats are essential to your diet. Not only does eating healthy fat help keep you sharp and can fight off diseases, it also helps your fat cells to release stored fat and use it as fuel. Therefore, by eating healthy fats, you in turn lose unwanted body fat! Coconut oil is an amazing source of Omega 3 and you can use it to cook, to bake and to eat by the spoonful!

#2 – Dark green veggies

Not only are dark green veggies a great source of carbohydrates, they are also great antioxidants that can free your body of toxins and allow you to lose the extra waste. By incorporating more dark veggies into your diet you’re able to lower cholesterol levels, increase your energy and decrease your cravings during the day. Overall, they are certainly a super food!

#3 – Protein

Proteins are the building blocks for muscle, and muscle burns fat – so don’t skip out on these important foods! Ask any trainer and they will tell you that their fridges are packed with protein of various kinds; fish, poultry, red meat, beans and legumes and yes, even tofu. The more variety you can find in your diet when it comes to protein the better. By switching it up you’re able to receive different nutrients, keep your palate happy and ensure you’re still getting enough protein in to keep your body lean!

#4 – Grains

Believe it or not our bodies are not meant to survive without carbs! I know it’s hard to believe after reading all about how to lose fat you must cut out carbs, but the truth is, any trainer will tell you that you must fuel your body with carbohydrates everyday – even the starchy kind! So, include some brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa in your fridge. Eat them for breakfast and with your post workout meal.

#5 – Berries

Although you do not want to have an overabundance of fruit in your diet, it is very important to include some delicious berries in that fridge of yours! They are a great source of antioxidants, and believe it or not, they are an important part of the fat loss process. Their sweetness keeps you from eating the junky sugar we don’t need in our bodies, they provide our bodies with energy so we have great workouts, and they maintain your blood sugar levels so you’re sure not to stuff your face with too many other unhealthy foods. Berries are without a doubt a must for your fridge!

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Source: Mia St. Aubin

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