4 Easy Ways to Get on the NEON A-List Party Guest List


Summer is nearly upon us and our NEON A-List Party is hitting the Malibu shore this 4th of July! We’re stocking up on cases of NEON Energy Drink® and getting our swag in order for this exclusive event featuring a beachside Challenge Group with the Vi Founders, music, celebrities and more.

NEON has already established a strong foothold in the energy drink market. We’ve gathered some of the best insights on how to pitch NEON from Promoters in the current standings for a private party invite. Check out their top tips.

#1—Sample it!

The best way to spread the word about the great tasting, energy boosting NEON is to get it into Customers’ hands. National Directors Jeff Ouellette and Deej Jordan encourage team members to invest in at least 10 cases of NEON and “get cans into hands.” Once people get even a taste of the prickly pear infused, fizzy beverage, they’re bound to get on board.

#2—Replace your coffee with NEON.

NEON abruptly brought our relationship with coffee to a screeching halt (no offense, coffee).Tips for Promoting NEON Energy Drink

When approaching prospects, National Director Carole LaVan Simons says, “What if I told you I have an alternative to coffee that offers the energy benefits plus nutritional value without the jitters, crash and fat?”

According to Carole, “This kind of approach creates intrigue and starts a conversation—and it removes any negative association with energy drinks.”

Most Customers will happily ditch their morning cup of Joe for NEON once you share the overwhelming benefits—both nutritional and cool factor—that leave other energy drinks in the dust. NEON is clearly in a league of its own.

#3—Get in with the college crowd.

Cool kids drink NEON. It’s a natural fit for college kids who spend hours of time studying—or cramming—for exams and need added energy, especially during all-nighters. And apart from its delicious taste, effective ingredients including B vitamins and caffeine derived from green tea extract and glow, NEON makes business sense.

“College business majors recognize the opportunity selling an energy drink on campus presents in terms of driving income,” says Carole, adding, “I seek out these students as well as those who sell advertising for the college.”

One of the best ways to expand your reach is to introduce NEON to demographics you haven’t yet approached, especially Gen-Yers who can take NEON viral on social media.

#4—Carry a UV black light at all times.

Once NEON officially launched at National Success Training (NST) in April 2015, Director Hina Syed bought UV black light keychains to keep in her purse and distribute to her team.

“Everyone I approach about NEON gets excited about the tropical taste, nutritional benefits and energy boost,” says Hina. “NEON’s glow under UV black light is a fun bonus that seals the deal.”

Hina is aiming for Regional Director now, which opens up the opportunity to be invited to the NEON A-List Party.

There are just days remaining to vie for VIP access to the coolest bash to hit Cali this summer. Find out how you can become a NEON A-lister. We’ll see you in Malibu—you’ve earned it!

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