3 Power Moves to Take Your Workout to the Next Level


We’re rounding out the home stretch of our Summer Bodies Start in Winter fitness series. With just two weeks before we ring in the New Year, it’s time to kick it into high gear, pronto. You’ve established the ground rules for a healthier diet, set up an exercise routine that will kick your butt and laid down the law with your #ViCommit personal accountability contract. You’re ready for any obstacle that comes your way. Now step it up with these three power moves designed to add variety to your workout routine and whip you into shape. Trust.

Power Move #1—Box Jump

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart behind a sturdy box that will hold your weight, knee level. Bend at the knees, propel off the ground and jump onto the box driving your hands up for momentum. Land with both feet fully on the box and absorb the force of the jump by bending at the knees. Step down and repeat.

3 sets, 5 reps

Power Move #2—Medicine Ball Toss or Slam

Medicine Ball Toss

Hold a medicine ball underneath your chin. Lower into a squat with your feet shoulder width apart. Quickly drive off your heels and toss the ball straight overhead. Catch the ball with both hands as you descend back into a squat. Repeat.

Medicine Ball Slam

Hold a medicine ball above your head with arms slightly bent and feet shoulder width apart. Reach back then slam the ball to the floor in front of you with as much force as possible. Alternatively, stand on one leg to perform the exercise.

3 sets, 6-8 reps

Power Move #3—Walking Lunge with Weights

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart to start. Step forward with the right leg approximately two feet and lower your body to 90° at both knees. Drop into a deep lunge. Drive back up, making sure to keep your weight on your heels to maintain balance. Bring your left leg forward and step into the next lunge position. Repeat the exercise, walking forward for all reps. Add hand weights to increase strength training.

3 sets, 15 reps per leg

Simple as one, two, three, right? Ok, not really, but you’ll thank us once beach season hits. Keep in mind these moves require concentrated energy. Remember to perform power moves at the beginning of your workout (prior to strength training and cardio) when you’re fresh to preserve your form as much as possible. Allow two to three days before repeating any of these power moves to prevent injury.

Before you know it you’ll be sipping NEON Energy Drink® pool side or sunning on the sand looking sexy. Make sure to visit the Vi Life channel again next Sunday for our last installment of Summer Bodies Start in Winter.

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