3 Motivational Tips Straight from ViSalus CMO Blake Mallen


One of the best qualities our Vi Founders share is that they practice what they preach. And if you follow Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola on social media, you’ll find any one of them talking about personal Challenge goals, favorite ways to enjoy Vi products or leadership lessons gleaned over Vi’s first decade. In short, our Founders lead by example.

We caught up with Chief Sales & Marketing Officer and Co-Founder Blake for insight into how he’s stayed the course during his most recent 90-Day Challenge. Not only has this man taken on Jiu Jitsu at a national level, scaled Mount Whitney and built 20 lbs. of muscle in 90 days during previous Challenges—now he’s training for his first half marathon in San Diego. With just two days until go-time, here are Blake’s thoughts on new goals, the power of positive thinking and more.

#1—“Inspiration can come from anyone at anytime.”ViSalus CMO Blake Mallen Shares Challenge Insights

Blake’s newest Challenge was inspired by a conversation with his sister. She invited him to join her in running a half marathon. He accepted The Challenge and immediately went public on social media, committing to 90 days of building the endurance and stamina needed for a long distance run. The point is, inspiration is all around you. On the bus, at the movies or even during a trip to the grocery store. Virtually anything or anyone can be a catalyst for putting your creative wheels into motion and inspiring new ideas.

#2—“If you do something every day, you’re bound to get better.”

You’ve heard the old adage, “practice makes perfect” a thousand times. But have you really made the small, daily efforts necessary to achieve your goals? As many top Vi leaders will tell you, simple, consistent actions directly tied to your goals will lead to improvement across Life, Health and Prosperity. You may not see results right away, but the journey doesn’t get exciting until you’ve covered some mileage. Watch the video below to learn how Blake improved his running skills and see this principle in action.

#3—“Value the time it takes to put your mind and energy into solving problems.”

Do you take time on the regular to quiet your mind, clear away the clutter and practice problem solving? If so, you understand the transformative power that stems from positive thinking. Try tuning into your thinking patterns for even five minutes a day. Are you fraught with stress and overwhelmed by negative thoughts—or do you recognize problems as opportunities to see things from a different perspective? Taking time out to turn a problem over in your mind may just lead to the evasive solution you were grasping for all along.

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