100-lb. Club Member Lequila Brown: “Regaining My Life and Feeling Fabulous!”


Over one year and 201 lbs. ago, Lequila Brown struggled with the many things we typically take for granted. She couldn’t fit into tennis shoes, drive or walk from her front door to the mailbox without becoming winded.

It got to a point where she felt like giving up on life.

After many nights of crying and praying, Lequila came across a before-and-after picture on Facebook of a woman who had lost weight on the PROJECT 10 Challenge. She then saw Vi Co-Founder and Global Ambassador Nick Sarnicola’s profile and contacted him. He put her in touch with Vi 5-Star Ambassador Susan Pacetti, who invited her to a Challenge Party the next day where she met other amazing people. “That’s when I trusted The Challenge,” says Lequila.

Lequila Brown holds her $1,000 check next to her mom Barbara Brown, her sister & Rising Star Director Gwen Porter, and her other sister Shere' DorseyHow She “LOST it”

Lequila chose the Transformation Kit to help her drop 201 lbs. over multiple Challenges and go from size 8x to 4x (44 to a 36) in clothes. “I love the shake mix because it doesn’t have an aftertaste. It tastes good with just about anything,” she says, adding, “The Nutra-Cookies taste really good too. They’re the closest thing to regular cookies.” She has also incorporated cardio into her routine with a workout video and walking one to two miles—both huge Vi Victories considering she once struggled walking to her mailbox.

The Challenge Difference

What Lequila has lost in weight, she has gained in quality of life—from sleeping better, to being able to walk two miles, to enjoying increased energy. She also receives a lot of compliments regarding how much clearer and healthier her skin looks.

And then of course, there’s the perk of shopping. Before The Challenge, Lequila could only order clothes online. “My legs and self-esteem wouldn’t let me go to the store,” Lequila admitted. “I was embarrassed because I knew nothing would fit me.” Today, Lequila is able to physically go to malls and try on different clothes.

Other firsts that Lequila’s grateful for include attending this summer’s Regional Success Training in Atlanta and being able to weigh herself on a doctor’s scale. 

Not Just a Product, But a Community

If there’s one thing that Lequila is truly appreciative of after taking on The Challenge is the tremendous support she continually receives from the Vi Community. “It really makes me feel good that Vi is not just a product that you use to help you lose weight. You get the support of a whole community. I’ve made so many friends, Nick’s always open with me and Susan’s been an angel. She never turns her back on me even when I get discouraged,” Lequila says. She’s touched and inspired by the countless people who’ve reached out to her offering her tips and different shake recipes to try.

In addition to the support Lequila has from the Vi Community, she has the support of her family, godchildren and friends. “Most importantly, God is there with me each and every step in this journey of taking my life back,” she says.

Words of Advice

And as is the Vi way, Lequila pays it forward—not just by sharing her remarkable story—but also by encouraging others facing similar circumstances.

Lequila’s advice to them: “Don’t give up on your life… try Vi… and get a support system that’s amazing. Just don’t give up because there is something out there to help you. Be encouraged.”


The 100-lb. Club recognizes Vi Customers and Promoters who achieve this remarkable milestone. However, relatively few persons can or should lose this amount of weight and Vi only supports this goal when it is the product of careful consideration and a responsible weight-loss program that includes exercise and healthy eating in conjunction with the tools and products offered by Vi. Persons aspiring to lose 100 lbs. or more should always consult first with their healthcare professionals.

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